General Information

As far as general health considerations are concerned, there are none of the deadly diseases in the Mankazana Valley, such as malaria, typhoid or yellow fever, which are associated with most safari destinations, further north in Africa. Fortunately, our most serious ailments are no worse than sun burn and fatigue. There is also a fully equipped, modern hospital in Adelaide, approximately 20 minutes from camp, staffed with professional, competent doctors and nursing staff.

We have fixed line telephone communications and although cellular coverage is available, the strength of the signal can vary greatly. We also have internet access from one of three offices throughout our hunting area.

Travel is relatively easy within South Africa and there are daily flights from Johannesburg International Airport and Port Elizabeth. However, in order to avoid any disappointments due to travel delays, or any other unforeseen eventualities, we strongly suggest that guests arrange personal insurance cover for loss of luggage, personal items and/or holiday time.

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